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  • Stack adjacent coins of the same amount.
  • When the total amount of the stacked coins is the same as the coin more worth, the coins will be exchanged.
    *If the total amount exceeds the amount of the coin more worth, the coins will not be exchanged.
    • x 5 =
    • x 2 =
    • x 5 =
    • x 2 =
    • x 5 =
  • When you exchange to a 500 yen coin, it will go into the piggy bank automatically.
  • The game is cleared when the specified number of 500 yen coins are put in the piggy bank.
  • To buy(remove) a sweet, merge it and the coins which is equal to or more worth than its price.
  • The game is over when any coins cannot be moved or time is up.
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