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Enjoy Free Casual Games, Puzzles, Solitaire, and More!

Play free online Shisen-sho, Mahjong puzzle, Spider, FreeCell, Bubble shooter(BubbleGames), Sudoku, and more! No download and no registration.

Best Free Online Games

Bubble Space
Bubble Shooter in space-themed. Beat enemies and rescue space ships!
Bubble Boat
Bubble Shooter with the objective of dropping enemies into the sea.
Pyramid Connect
Shisen-sho using by ancient egypt images. Remove similar tiles in pairs if they can be connected by up to three lines.
Wasp Solitaire which is similar to Spider.
Building Demolition Puzzle
Find and remove pairs of blocks to demolish a building!
Simple Simon
On the tableau, create four suites each, in a descending suit sequence from King to Ace!
The game is won by emptying one's hand before the other players.
Remove similar tiles in pairs if they can be connected by up to three lines.
Farm Connect
Shisen-sho using by farm images. Remove similar tiles in pairs if they can be connected by up to three lines.
Put the numbers 1 to 9 in all vertical columns, horizontal columns and 3x3 blocks.
Double FreeCell
Card solitaire. Move all cards to foundations utilizing cells. Use two decks.
Pair Up
Let's find pairs that add up to 13 and move all the cards to the foundation!
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My name is Tomoya. Welcome to my website.
The website was started in 2012 to provide online free games. I have developed many Flash/Html5 games, and many people have played them.

Features of the

  1. Genuinely Free
    My games are genuinely free. There are no microtransactions too.
  2. No download
    You do not need to download or install anything. Just open the page in your web browser and you can play a game right away.
  3. On any device
    You can play games comfortably on any device, be it a PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  4. Fast Loading
    When playing browser games, the loading time before you can start can be frustrating. My games are optimized for the web, so there is almost no wait.
  5. Play for a long time
    When I develop a game, I focus on whether or not it can be played for a long time. Learning the rules of a game is a pain in the ass, so once you've learned the rules, you want to play it for a long time, don't you? That's why I make a lot of solitaire and puzzle games.
  6. Wholesome games
    I develop games that can be played safely by anyone, young or old.
  7. Leaderboard
    Most of the games on the website can be played alone, but competing with others is also a fun part of gaming. Many of the games on the website support the leaderboard.

To be the best playground for players

I hope you enjoy my games. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.