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Brick Break Dungeon

Brick Break Dungeon can also be played on mobile devices.
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Piece Connect
Art Puzzle 3
Art Shisen-sho
Space Pinball


Use the bouncing orbs to destroy blocks and enemies to get the treasure at the back of the dungeon!
  • There is a power-up item in the treasure chest.
    The number of orbs you can shoot at once will increase.
    The orb's attack power will be increased.
    It increases the distance your character can move.
  • Each time you shoot, your character moves forward.
  • If a block or enemy gets inside the border line, the game is over.
  • If the orb does not return, press the retrieve button.
  • If you press the screen after shoot the orbs, you can fast-forward through time as long as you hold it down.
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