Dig Deeper (Mobile) 日本語
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Dig Deeper can also be played on mobile devices.
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Honda Sisters' House Cleaner
Art Shisen-sho
Bubble Boat


  • Click on three or more adjoining panels to remove them.
  • The character always walks to the screen right side, but he cannot get over a panel. Please remove panels which obstruct walking.
  • The game is over if he is pushed out of the screen.
  • Click him to accelerate the scroll speed.
  • You will get a pickaxe if 10 or more panels are removed at a time. You can remove chosen one panel, which should not able to be removed, by a pickaxe. You can have up to 5 pickaxes.
  • When you have already 5 pickaxes, the screen scroll will be stopped for 5 seconds if 10 or more panels are removed at a time. The scroll stop time can be increased up to 20 seconds.
  • While the scroll is stopped, you can click him to add the remaining time as a score and resume scroll.
  • You will get higher score by digging panels in a staircase pattern.
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