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Game Flow
1 Grab the customer and seat them at a table.
2 When called by a customer, touch them.
The meal they want to order will appear, so touch it to place the order with the kitchen.
3 When the cooking is done, touch the kitchen to go get the meal.
4 Trace pieces with the same pattern, connecting them together vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. When three or more are connected, they are cleared from the board.
Clear pieces to get the server to the bottom row.
5 When the customer finishes eating, touch the coin that appear to complete the payment!
Puzzle Techniques
  • The server inside the puzzle board can be used as an all-matching piece that can be connected from any piece.
    * However, the number of pieces connected does not include the server.
  • If you remove 10-11 pieces at once, all pieces with the same pattern will disappear.
  • If you remove 12 or more pieces at once, all pieces on the board will disappear.
Clearing pieces on the puzzle screen earns experience points.
When the experience gauge is full, you can choose one ability to upgrade.
Hire Server Adds a server (up to 8).
Increase Server Speed Increases walking speed (6 levels).
Improve Server Skills Allows carrying two meals at the same time.
Server Autonomy Automatically takes orders and serves meals.
Add New Table Adds a table (up to 8).
Install Seat Guide Sys Customers will seat themselves automatically.
Add New Kitchen Adds a kitchen (up to 5).
Increase Cooking Speed Increases cooking speed (5 levels).
Install Self-Checkout Coins are automatically collected.
Apology Coupon When the dissatisfaction gauge is full, you can avoid a game over by giving coupons to the customers.
Clear All Pieces Clears all pieces in the puzzle screen.
Game Clear and Game Over
  • When the operating time is over, if you have reached the target number of customers, you clear the game. If not, it's game over.
  • If you keep customers waiting too long, they become angry, and a dissatisfaction gauge fills up.
    If the dissatisfaction gauge is full, it's game over.
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