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Descripción del juego

Free tarot reading with puzzle game!
When you complete the game, the results of tarot reading will be displayed based on the last two remaining cards.
  • The game begins when you select the content you wish to divine and the difficulty level (accuracy of divination).
  • The object of the game is to remove all cards.
  • Two cards with the same picture can be removed in either of the following cases:
    - Two cards are vertically or horizontally adjacent.
    - Two pieces can be removed only if they can be connected with a maximum of three lines.
      (Card 1 can turn at the corner up to 2 times before reaching card 2.)
  • When you are stuck and can't make any more moves, the cards will automatically be shuffled.
  • When the time runs out, it's game over.

About the Fortune Telling
  • When selecting the subject of the reading, make sure to have a clear idea of what you want to know in your mind.
    Example: "Should I change jobs?" or "About my relationship with someone."
  • It is not recommended to ask the same question multiple times in one day.
  • While playing the game, focus on the game and do not think about the fortune telling.
* Please enjoy this game purely as entertainment.
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