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Rocket Shiisa

Art Puzzle
Coin Puzzle
3x3x9 Puzzle
  • Move your character from side to side with the mouse.
  • Hold down the mouse button to shoot a gun in the direction of the mouse cursor.
  • The powerups or gold come from moles and meteoric stones you shoot down. It will be changed to another one by your gun when it is falling.
    You will fall if you run out of the fuel. You should frequently get the fuel.
    Fuel Cell
    Maximum capacity of the fuel will increase every time you get four cells.
    Angle of the shot
    Angle of the shot will spread.
    Power of the bullet
    Power of the bullet will increase.
    Firing rate
    Firing rate will increase.
    Gold is added to your score. It will grow to a large size every time it is shot. The larger it is, the more your score increases.
  • Right-Click on the screen (or press the space-key) to perform a special move, the Rising Attack. The Rising Attack break all moles and meteoric stones you hit against instead of heavy consumption of fuel.
  • You will clear the level when you reach the top of an elevator.
  • The game will be over when you run out of the fuel and fall to the bottom of the screen.
Click the Low Spec button if the game does not run smoothly.
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