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Fishing in the Forest

Mahjong Solitaire7
Buried Treasure
  • Select a place first. You will be given some baits in there.
  • Select the place to throw a bait. You can look over the whole map with a map viewer on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Drag the screen to select the angle and strength of your throw. Release the mouse button to throw.
  • Wait for a bite. Click the bob if you want to change the place.
  • The bob goes down when a fish bites. You will get several little bites, then get a big bite. Hold down the mouse button as soon as you get the big bite.
  • Hold down the mouse button to pull the fishing line. Release the mouse button if the tension of the fishing line is too high.
  • In some places, you cannot pull the fishing line. You must use the Turning Swallow Cut in that case. See below.
  • The fish you catch is bought. Your money is your score. Continue fishing until you run out of bait.
Turning Swallow Cut
  • You get a chance to perform the Turning Swallow Cut when you continue to pull the fishing line.
  • The horizontal bar with some marks is shown and the cursor moves from left-to-right on the bar. When the cursor goes to the right edge, it reverses to the left. You will fail if the cursor goes to the left edge.
  • Click the screen when the cursor intersects with each mark.
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