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Pyramid Solitaire on Halloween

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Mahjong Solitaire
Mogumogu Puzzle Castle
Double FreeCell
On Halloween night, many ghosts have stolen important paintings. Let's take back the paintings and complete the collection!
  • The objective of the game is to discard all tableau cards.
  • Discard any pair of cards which total thirteen. Kings are worth thirteen and can be discarded singularly.
  • Click on the stock to turn up one card. The previous card of the stock is moved to the waste. The stock turned up and the top card of waste pile are available for play.
  • There are two redeals.
  • You can discard any card with Joker.
Bonus Score
  • [Time Bonus] 10pt per second.
  • [Card Bonus] 1000pt per card if there are five cards or less except for Joker.
  • [Joker Bonus] 10000pt per Joker.
  • [Perfect!!] 100000pt if all cards are discarded except for Joker.
Please click the refresh button on your browser if the game doesn't run.
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