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Mononoke Puzzle
Bubble Boat
Coin Hunt
Simple Simon
Rocket Shiisa
Mrs. Mop
American Toad
Monte Carlo
Double Klondike
  • The objective of the game is to move all cards to foundations. Foundations are built up in suit from Ace to King.
  • Tableau can be built down in sequence and alternating colors.
  • The top cards of tableau piles, waste pile and foundation piles are available for play.
  • One card or group of cards in the proper sequence can be moved from pile to pile.
  • Empty tableau can be filled with a King or group of cards headed with a King.
  • Click on the stock to turn up one card to the waste.
  • You can pick out the requisite card with the Joker. However, you will get more score if they are not used.
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